Game 1: Sunday at 7.00 pm the first act of the series for the category jump between Mantua and Macerata, winners of the two Groups

Golden opportunity for the winning teams of the White Group and the Blue Group at the end of the 2023/24 Regular Season. Gabbiano Mantova and Banca Macerata face each other for the first time. At stake is an immediate pass to the next Serie A2 Credem Banca for the team able to get away with it in the best-of-three series, while the defeated contender will have a second chance in the Play Off draw returning from the Semi-finals. The first match between Lombardy and Marche is scheduled for Sunday 7 April, at 7.30 pm, on the PalaSguaitzer pitch. The home team must quickly put an end to the defeat suffered in Palmi in the race for the assignment of the Del Monte® Supercoppa A3, while the guests want to demonstrate that the Easter break did not break the rhythm of the match. A victory for the Macerata team would mean shifting the inertia of the field factor.


Game 1 Spareggio Promozione – Serie A3 Credem Banca

Domenica 7 aprile 2024, ore 19.30
Gabbiano Mantova – Banca Macerata

Arbitri: Scotti Paolo, Sabia Emilio
Video Check: Bassetto Nicola
Segnapunti: Spagnoli Margherita
Diretta YouTube Legavolley


Play Off Serie A3 Credem Banca

The return of the Round of 16 is already a decisive match: on Saturday Savigliano – Motta and San Donà – Cagliari. The other four games are on Sunday. Fano and Modica are postponed to 7.00 pm

With the second round of the Round of 16 of the Serie A3 Promozione Play Offs, scheduled for the weekend, the scoreboard with cross-matches between teams from different groups for the Quarterfinals will be known. The Round of 16 is in fact played with the “home and away” formula and possible Golden Set. The return leg is played on the pitch of the best ranked team at the end of the Regular Season. If two teams finish the home/away matches with an equal number of points (as in the Regular Season, 3 points for a 3-0 or 3-1 victory, 2 points for a tie break victory and 1 point for a tie break defeat ) the Golden Set would be played (at 15 points) to establish access to the Quarterfinals.

Eighth Finals Game 2 – Play Off A3 Credem Banca

Sabato 6 aprile 2024, ore 18.00
Monge Gerbaudo Savigliano – Senini Motta di Livenza

Arbitri: Cavicchi Simone, Prati Davide
Video Check: Pinto Sonia
Segnapunti: Aimale Daniele
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Sabato 6 aprile 2024, ore 20.00
Personal Time San Donà di Piave – CUS Cagliari

Arbitri: Marigliano Antonio Giovanni, Cecconato Luca
Video Check: Cardoville Veronica
Segnapunti: Bridda Stefano
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Domenica 7 aprile 2024, ore 18.00
OmiFer Palmi – Erm Group San Giustino

Arbitri: Ciaccio Giovanni, Guarneri Roberto
Video Check: Donato Raffaele
Segnapunti: Donato Elena
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Domenica 7 aprile 2024, ore 18.00
Belluno Volley – Negrini CTE Acqui Terme

Arbitri: De Simeis Giuseppe, Licchelli Antonio
Video Check: De Nard Andrea
Segnapunti: Tajariol Ludovica
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Domenica 7 aprile 2024, ore 18.00
Rinascita Lagonegro – Aurispa DelCar Lecce

Arbitri: Gasparro Mariano, Lanza Claudia
Video Check: Capobianco Stefano
Segnapunti: Pascaretta Luigi
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Domenica 7 aprile 2024, ore 19.00
Smartsystem Fano – Avimecc Modica

Arbitri: Mesiano Marta, Proietti Deborah
Video Check: Albergamo Michele
Segnapunti: Rispoli Adriano
Diretta YouTube Legavolley


Play Out A3 Credem Banca

Game 2 White Group: the second round of the Emilian derby for salvation will be played on Sunday at 6.00 pm. Mirandola wants to reopen the discussion at home, Bologna can celebrate away

Play Out Game 2 – Play Out A3 Credem Banca – Girone Bianco

Domenica 7 aprile 2024, ore 18.00
Stadium Mirandola – Geetit Bologna

Arbitri: Nava Stefano, Polenta Martin
Video Check: Pazzi Milena
Segnapunti: Bergonzini Eleonora
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