The “Rondò dei Talenti”, the press conference presenting the Final Four Del Monte® Coppa Italia A2, was held today in Cuneo, within the educational centre, in view of the Semi-finals and the Final which will take place this weekend at Cuneo Palasport. The local authorities, the President of the Serie A Volleyball League Massimo Righi, together with the coaches and captains of the four teams that will play the first Serie A2 event of the year, presented the event that will be awarded, on the tricolor taraflex set up for the occasion , the 27th edition of the Italian Serie A2 Cup.

Among the innovations of the event is the possibility for the 1st referee to communicate with the spectators via a special microphone: the match director will be able to decide at will during the match to open his microphone and explain to those present in the arena and to the viewers any decisions made during the match.

Below are the statements of the authorities who intervened.

Gabriele Costamagna (President Cuneo Volley): “We are pleased to host this event. It is an event that was possible to organize with the contribution of the Piedmont Region. Good luck to everyone, the four teams who showed the best volleyball during the season have reached the Del Monte® Coppa Italia A2 Final Four. Tomorrow and Sunday, whoever comes will witness high-level volleyball. I hope to see fair play on the pitch and to be an example for those who come to see us.”

Massimo Righi (President of the Serie A Volleyball League): “We thank everyone for their hospitality and support in organizing the event. Cuneo is a historic city, we are aware of it. We thought that Cuneo could participate but for us it’s not a leap into the unknown, we are in one of the best volleyball locations of the last 30 years. I like to remember that our Serie A2 is also among the best leagues in the world. The show is of a high level, we are able to offer a Del Monte® Coppa Italia A2 Final Four which will be international in scope. There is also a lot of excitement about Serie A2 throughout Italy, it retains more fans. Have a good event everyone!”.


Riccardo Vecchi (Captain Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina): “A pleasure to participate in the Final Four Del Monte® Coppa Italia A2. We come from a fantastic period, we have fulfilled a dream. We are still celebrating, but this milestone is also very important for the entire territory and for society. It will be a good show for everyone.”

Massimiliano Ortenzi (Coach Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina): “First of all, thanks to everyone for the kind words and compliments, for us it was a victory full of enthusiasm. It wasn’t easy to get back to playing but we managed to do it with a lot of desire. Our idea is to enjoy this event to the fullest, trying to offer the best volleyball we are capable of now. It will be an honor for us to participate, we hope to be up to it.”

Riccardo Goi (Captain Consar Ravenna): “We are happy to be here. For many of us it will be the first time, we are a very young team with many born in 2004 on the roster. We will face Grottazzolina once again, we will try to beat them as we tried to do during the Play Offs”.

Marco Bonitta (Coach Consar Ravenna): “I like the formula, when we decided to play the Final Four after the end of the championship it was to give the newly promoted team the chance to make the market for the Super League, which usually imposes a tight pace. Serie A2 has risen in level, and this takes away Alessandro Bovolenta, called up by the national team. We are happy to be here, it’s the first time for me too. It will be the sixth time we meet Grottazzolina, it’s always nice.”

Simone Tiberti (Captain Consoli Sferc Brescia): “Our season ended with bitterness in the Play Offs, it was hard to get here. We are excited and eager to do the best. There is a lot of ambition and the formula of the Final Four Del Monte® Coppa Italia A2 gives us a good chance of success. A nice end to the season that we hope to crown in the best possible way.”

Roberto Zambonardi (Coach Consoli Sferc Brescia): “The formula allows those who progress in the competition to continue the season. It gives satisfaction to fans and sponsors, ten years ago today we achieved promotion to Serie A2, in ten years in this championship it is the second time for us that we have reached the final phase. For us it is a huge joy to be here, we will honor the event as best we can.”

Fernando Gabriel Garnica (Captain Delta Group Porto Viro): “It wasn’t easy to get here, the formula gave everyone a chance. The Final Four Del Monte® Coppa Italia A2 is a special event, it is an important event for many people. It will give great visibility to our movement. We are excited, we are a new and young reality that wants to make the most of this moment. We want to see that we get to the end. It is difficult to find a better place than the Cuneo Palasport for such events. My compliments to Grottazzolina, she has achieved a well-deserved goal.”

Daniele Morato (Delta Group Porto Viro Coach): “It’s a pleasure for us to be here again, it’s the fourth time in the last 40 days. We wanted to be here, it was a corporate objective. This event is incredible, our team has trained well: all the other teams are still playing at a very high level, I congratulate everyone. Even though it is the end of the season there is lightness and enthusiasm, we are happy to be able to participate in this Final Four.”


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