Consar’s first reinforcement for next season arrives from Sweden. This is the spiker Hampus Ekstrand, 202 centimeters tall, returning from two seasons played with the Prisma Taranto shirt in the Super League. Before arriving in Italy he played in the top flight of his country, first with Floby and then with Rig Falkoping, the city in which he was born on 28 October 2003. He then wore the shirt of the Under 20 national team of his country and in his homeland he also stood out in beach volleyball.
“It is a great honor to arrive at a club with an important tradition – these are his first words as a new Ravenna native – and I hope to contribute to achieving important objectives by making available the experience I have gained in these two years in the Super League, during which I had the opportunity to understand what it means to play in that championship. It was my first experience abroad as a player and it took me some time to adapt to a new culture and language but I feel I have evolved both physically and technically, adapting my game to what is required in that category.”
Spiker with good attacking and blocking skills, Ekstrand becomes the first Swedish player in the history of Ravenna men’s volleyball. “I’m looking forward to getting to know the whole club, from the corporate structure to my teammates and fans. Together we will build a solid group to play a good sporting season.”