ErmGroup San Giustino arrives at its rest period with a trio of 3-0 victories and with second place in the Blue group standings of the Serie A3 Credem Banca championship. Biancazzurri sporting director Valdemaro Gustinelli draws up a summary, before the last five games that separate the end of the regular season from the start of the play offs. “There is no denying that there is extreme satisfaction in looking at the rankings today – he says – and our mantra has always been to improve last season’s result, keeping ourselves away from dangerous areas and to look upwards. I would say that we are well above expectations but, having reached this point, the group must be acknowledged that the technical and moral qualities are superior to the premises. This makes me quite proud: it means that the work done in the summer by our staff was of quality and that the men chosen to be part of this group – in addition to the technical characteristics that we had glimpsed – have a strong sense of belonging, with a strong sense of work and respect towards the teammate. These are the “stigmata” of large groups, those who can achieve unexpected dreams.” In analyzing these first five months of the season, Gustinelli is keen to underline the profound effort made so far by the entire company and in particular that of the CEO Claudio Bigi: “Together with his closest collaborators, Bigi is carrying out splendid work . In addition to setting up, as Pallavolo San Giustino, the organization of the national Under 19 men’s finals, which will take place in the Upper Tiber Valley from 14 to 19 May with the patronage of Fipav and Coni Umbria, it is busily working to find economic partners that guarantee the development and continuation of a project that is becoming exciting. Having seen so many people in the stands last Sunday made me very happy and it is a reward for Claudio Bigi and for all the members who – I repeat – are supporting a commitment that we try to repay every Sunday”. The manager, between the lines, makes it clear that, despite entering the crucial phase of the championship, his task is to start looking to the future and to make sense of the great work that the club is doing to shape the next season.