Andrea Zampis still scoutman

Another confirmation in the staff of Tinet Prata, confirming a granite working group and that last season worked very well together with coach Dante Boninfante. Renewed the contracts of the head coach, of the trust according to Samuele Papi and of the staff that takes care of the shape of the Passerotti, with the athletic trainer Prof. Durigon and the physical one Prof. Carra, the confirmation of Andrea Zampis, fundamental pawn of the staff, has arrived. both in daily work in the gym and in the more hidden one done at the table. Andrea, in fact, in recent years from Prato has always dealt with match analysis, providing quality data on the game of the opposing teams as well as on the efficiency of the Tinet and allowing him to better prepare all the matches.

“This will be my third year in Prata – comments the renewal of the coach from Cividale – It will be slightly different from the previous two because I will focus more on the analysis and less on the work done in the gym. However, I will try to steal as much as possible the secrets of the coaching profession from Dante and Samuele. I expect a growing championship. The squad is good, and the results will surely come. ”

Last year was a triumphal one. In terms of staff work, what do you think has been the trump card of your work?

“Last season was exciting. At first, few believed fully that we could achieve certain results. It was a bet won thanks to the work of the coach, the team and certainly the synergy between us and the staff that allowed the team to work with precise objectives. ”

You are already doing the important pre-season work with the data analysis of last season of Serie A2. In terms of play, what do you think are the main differences between the two categories?

“I’m preparing the A2 performance model referring to last season’s data. The feeling is that those who for us were the winning fundamentals, going up in the category will certainly be less performing. It will therefore be necessary to increase the quality in attack and be more cynical in realizing the opportunities. “