Gabriele Costamagna brand new president

Governance is complete, the capital increase has begun with the issue of shares to third parties.

The Cuneo men’s volleyball club has a new President, Gabriele Costamagna.
The governance of Cuneo Volley changes structure and the first step is the opening to the capital increase, with the issue of shares to third parties in the amount of € 2,000 each. Many entrepreneurs who already during the season had expressed their willingness to become part of the project more actively, to these have been joined by others in the last month and a half; now with the capital increase this is possible.

“Once the governance has been defined, the first step will be to approve the issue of shares to third parties for the capital increase. We will exceed 20 partners, entrepreneurs who represent excellence at a territorial and national level, who want to be able to contribute actively by joining the company. Expanding the corporate structure means not only having new capital but also new knowledge and contacts. ” – declared the new President, then continuing with a guideline for the future – “We want to continue to build solid foundations, each partner will have to bind not to individual subjects, but to place their trust in the company and in the team that has shown in recent years to follow the facts to the words. One of the key points over the next three years will be capitalizing on the company: we have land and with the help of the Municipality and the institutions we would like to build our sports center. ”

In detail, the management of the Company will see Costamagna’s presidency, Adriano Giordana’s vice-presidency, Alessandro Marino’s delegation to the youth sector confirmed and Davide Bima’s entry as General Manager. Honorary recognition for Vito Venni, awarded the position of honorary president.