Spes youth leagues handled by DRL

From Under 13 to Under 19, passing through Under 15 and 17: starting from the 2022-2023 season, the men’s youth sector will be managed by Da Rold Logistics Belluno.

The company led by president Sandro Da Rold officially and definitively receives the baton from Spes Belluno: after the collaboration agreement started a year ago, the profitable path led by the two clubs resulted in the unanimous choice to link the youth leagues to reality of rhinos. To the satisfaction of the general manager of the DRL, Franco Da Re: «We have never hidden the desire to complete the corporate structure with the youth sector. Compared to the growth project we have in mind, this is a fundamental component ». The unity of purpose is total: “The work set up by SPES represents a valuable starting point. Now it is up to us to give new life to the youth sector ».

While waiting to be made official, the technical staff of the “cantera” will remain broadly that of last season: «We would like to give prestige to Belluno not only the team of A3, but also the nursery. We deeply believe in young players and the hope is to be able to promote more and more of them to the first team. ”

Spes archives a chapter full of emotions and important results: “On the one hand – argues the president Fabiana Bianchini – I’m sorry not to deal with the men’s sector anymore, but after 19 years I need to downsize my commitment in this area. It was a very demanding year: it was not easy to manage three regional categories, in addition to all the men’s and women’s youth teams. And in any case, now the time is ripe for Volleyball Belluno to directly take care of the management of the youth leagues».

Spes focuses on “pink” volleyball: «We will let go of the men’s Serie C, which will be sold to Montecchio, but at this point it made no sense to keep only the regional category. The fact remains that I give Da Rold Logistics a complete youth sector, with about 60 boys: from Under 13 to 19. Spes, on the other hand, will only deal with women, from minivolley to Serie D “.