Brand new libero Davide Russo

Ad appena 21 anni, Davide Russo può già vantare oltre 100 presenze nei campionati di Serie A Credem Banca

Young, talented and looking for revenge. This is the profile of the new libero from Delta Group Porto Viro, Davide Luigi Russo, born in 2001, 180 centimeters high.

Do not deceive your identity card, at just 21 years old the athlete from Salento – born in Poggiardo, province of Lecce – can already boast over 100 appearances in the Serie A Credem Banca championships, to be exact 94 in A2 and 17 in A3. Last summer he was registered by Vibo Valentia in Superlega, but he preferred to give up playing the season with the Calabrians, coming off the “radar” of the top flight.

“I would like to clarify – explains the new player – that mine was not a year off, I played a Serie C championship which helped me retrace my steps, my path, my career. And it is thanks to this experience that today I find myself back in Serie A2 with Porto Viro. I decided to leave the Super League to regain my balance, my serenity and I was judged in a very negative way for this choice. If I’m here today it’s also because I want my revenge, to be able to show some people that sometimes you have to fall to be able to shine even brighter. The trust given to me by coach Battocchio and by the club is certainly one of the reasons that led me to accept the Delta Group proposal. It was a great source of pride for me to know that on the other side there were and there are people who believe in me “.

Porto Viro as a (re) launch springboard, therefore, an opportunity that Russo wants to exploit in the best possible way: “It will be my first experience in the North and the first time that they will separate me from home so many kilometers, but I love to travel and I am ready to discover new lands and new ways of living – he continues – How would I describe myself? I really like to laugh and joke, but when I go out on the pitch my determination to improve myself, to reach increasingly important goals day after day, comes into play. I have followed some Porto Viro matches in recent seasons, especially last year, with the super salvation won on the last day. My impressions are very positive, they all spoke to me very well about the company, the staff and the environment. Given the roster we are setting up, I think we can have an excellent championship. I’m not the type of promises, especially if I’m not sure I can keep them. The only thing I can guarantee to the Delta fans is that I will always put all possible effort so that we can all experience great satisfactions. “