Volley Team Club staff is taking shape

The staff of the Volley Team Club is starting to take shape. After the announcements of coach Daniele Moretti and the second Alessandro Mamprin, Giacomo Trevisan is officially the new athletic trainer for the 2023/24 season.

Seriousness and attention to detail will allow our boys to rely on an expert in the sector with a broad volleyball background who will take care of the pre-season and the various phases of the season to perform at their best from an athletic point of view.

Hi Giacomo, can you tell us about your experiences in the world of volleyball?
“I have always breathed volleyball in the family as both my father and my uncle played between Serie A and B, so there has always been an involvement in the volleyball environment. In recent years I have concentrated as a trainer both in volleyball and in beach volleyball following some Serie A professionals while in the past two seasons I followed the preparation of Synergy Volley Venezia for Serie B2, Serie D, Under18 and Under16”.

Why did you choose the Volley Team project?
“I chose this project because from the first meeting with DS Tassan I perceived a great desire to do well and a great ambition on the part of the first and second coaches. The environment is stimulating and healthy with excellent growth opportunities in which to express myself to the best”.

What is the characteristic that an athletic trainer absolutely must have?
“In my opinion, an athletic trainer must “know, know how to do and know how to do”. In addition to being a good technician, there must be great empathy and communication skills with the athletes, being a mediator between the field, the weight room, the physical state and the state of health. There must be a strong ability to adapt to always be in line with the coaches’ program and therefore he must also be able to take care of relations with staff and coaches, favoring continuous synergy with them”.