Approaching the season

WiMORE Parma will participate in the Serie A3 Credem Banca championship in the 2022/23 season, bringing back one of the historic squares of Italian volleyball to Serie A nineteen years after the last time. This is the culmination of a project undertaken in the summer of 2020 when the partnership with the main and title sponsor WiMORE began which, at the end of the positive two-year period in Serie B, helped to make the big leap. In an unprecedented category for Parma that had never before trod the fields of the third level of the Volleyball League, founded in 2019, in what will have to be an ambitious path in close contact with the youth sector of Energy Volley Parma, which will constitute the reservoir of “Big”. The sporting director of WiMORE Volley Parma, Alessandro Grossi, explains the genesis of the great return of volleyball to the city. “We are very proud to be part of this project that brings Serie A back to Parma, born three seasons ago thanks to the people who believed in us and in Energy Volley, which has evolved into Volley Parma. The main promoter was Francesco Ughetti, we had planned the three-year period together with Alberto Raho whom I want to thank for all he has done and will do for volleyball in Parma. I would also like to mention Marcello Mattioli, who helped us a lot and allowed us to get to know the reality of WiMORE which is credited with being the spark that rekindled the passion for high-level volleyball in Parma that had been missing for too long. It is a historic, important square that has won championships and cups with the arena always packed and even in Serie B there was a desire on the part of the people to breathe the air of great volleyball again as shown by the SuperLega numbers we have done. record in the stands last season. Now we expect the enthusiasm to grow even more around the team, I hope that the city will gradually get back the stages it deserves. This is only the first step: now a new chapter is opening in which we set ourselves ambitious goals, first and foremost, that of bringing more than a thousand people back to PalaRaschi ”. The operating director of WiMORE Volley Parma, Alberto Raho, present in the technical staff at the time of his last experience in Serie A by Unimade in 2003/04, is charged with the new adventure with an eye to the past but, above all, to the future.