San Giustino at work

The love and passion for a sport called volleyball, an important constant in the Upper Tiber Valley, is what prompted a group of people to put together ideas, professionalism, transparency, dedication, perseverance, commitment so that volleyball would return to the ” ancient dawns “. An ambitious project, which with a lot of work and trust has brought the San Giustino Volleyball from the Serie B Championships to the imminent debut in Serie A3 Credem Banca, at the same time increasing the youth sector, the lifeblood of this reality. A wonderful design to which more and more minds have adhered, participating in the achievement of the important objectives achieved and working in synergy with the next ones.

To date, the ErmGroup Volleyball San Giustino has 14 members, who place seriousness and transparency at the center of their work: Benedetti Aldo, Legal, Bigi Claudio, Chief Executive Officer, Bigozzi Marco, Head of Photography, Giorgi Valerio, Rapporti Coni, Gregorio Gregori , Head of Logistics and Apartments, Ligi Enrico, General Manager, Malatesta Andrea, Head of the Youth Sector, Maric Goran, Sports Director, Neri Gianluca, Head of Health, Piomboni Roberto, Head of Sports Facilities, Polverini Luca, Management of Drugs and Supplements, Roti Marco, Team Manager, Stefanetti Angelo, Vice-President, Volpi Fernando, Vice-President.
Valerio Giorgi, new entry of the Board of Directors, expressed the importance of looking to the future: “I knew some members of the Board of Directors, a familiar and friendly environment in which I joined since this season. I have been living for sport for four years. and I work to bring to San Giustino some disciplines not present, such as fencing, as Coordinator of the Centro Coni Alto Tevere. I believe that Volleyball is the most important sport expression in our territory, even if currently not numerically speaking. with Claudio Bigi the thought of having a long-term perspective, working with the youth teams, structuring at all levels, to do well this year but also in those to come. We do not want sport in San Giustino to be only episodic, but a starting point. It is important to strengthen the foundations and go to structure, giving a signal of strength and seriousness, starting from the Company, to the relationship with the sponsors, and the youth teams, who will long-term difference “.